Wherever you are in your journey.
Whatever your faith looks like or feels like.
No judgment here. You are welcome here.

There is room here:
There is room for doubt and questions and unknowns here.
Room to breathe. Room to work out your faith.
(It’s all between you and the divine)
Room for you if church hurts but you’re cool with jesus.
Room for all bodies.
Room if you can’t afford it. (just ask)
**Saturday class is free ūüôā

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Local Yoga Classes Fall 2018

New Classes!

crunch fitness

NOW teaching weekly classes at Crunch Fitness in Corona!
Yoga Body Sculpt Schedule through December:

-Mondays at 8:30 am
-Thursdays at 10:15am
-Thursdays at 6pm

Bookmark this page to see the group fitness class schedule:¬†https://www.crunch.com/locations/corona then select the ‘classes’ menu. *Peak or Peak Plus membership required to attend group classes. Ask me about a guest pass.

NOVLJY PG theme copy group eventJesus & Yoga Classes:

November & December 2018 Classes:

This Integrated Soul Nourishing, Gentle Yoga class takes place at Inland Vineyard in Corona, CA on most* Saturdays at 8:30 am.¬†Please RSVP here. This is a free class ūüôā

If you’d like to receive my twice-monthly email, please sign up for Lori’s Letter here:

Inland Vineyard:
935 McKinley St,
Corona, CA 92879

November Class Dates:

  • Saturday, November 3rd
  • Saturday,¬†November 10th
  • Saturday,¬†November 17th + Thanksgiving Party!

December Class Dates:

  • Saturday, December 1st
  • Saturday,¬†December 15th + Christmas Party!

J&Y Classes will pause for the remainder of December and resume in January!

What to Bring:

  • A Mat & Water Bottle

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Contact Me:

With your questions or special event booking inquiries for retreats, & workshops, or private yoga sessions.

Integrated & Embodied Soul Quotes

“A healthy soul is an integrated soul.”

-Dallas Willard


“What we need is a spirituality that honors the body we have and comprehends its social meaning but does not reduce us to it.

The certainty of the body’s need for daily bread directs us toward a spiritual wisdom made manifest in the body. According to Jesus, we do not have to ignore the body in order to be spiritual; even in its frailty, it provides an indication of how we should live and how we are to carry on a spiritual life.”

-Lillian Calles Barger

walt whitman - dismis whatever insults your own soul


stories from my mat

Holiday Season Offerings from Lori | Shop Small, Dream Big

Hopping on the Shop Small movement, and looking forward to sharing more of my services and offerings this month! I am sharing some of my special seasonal offerings for your Christmas and Holiday shopping & entertainment consideration. I‚Äôve created a menu of services for your perusal, and I would so appreciate your help in sharing …


Odyssey: n. a long wandering and eventful journey

This is the story of how yoga was the conduit that saved my life, reconnected me to the wisdom of my own body and inner voice, reclaimed my voice and a pivotal path to the journey home to my whole, integrated self: my heart, my mind, my body, and my spirit.

About Lori:

Lori is a 225hr Certified R-HYI Yoga Instructor.

She grew up overseas and Downunder, a TCK, on more than one beautiful island. Always a free spirit & cheerleader. She gets her love of words, science, and theology from her Linguist parents. Studying music was the only path that made sense in college, at the time, and music runs in the family and back through extended family. After a painful separation from music, she’s listening for new opportunities to make music, and recently began singing again. (If you’d like to hear more about that part of her story, check out the first 3 short episodes of her podcast).¬†

A practitioner of spiritual sobriety and freedom, advocate for embodied, integrated soul care and self-compassion. Yoga was such a pivotal part of her healing journey, of listening to her body, her intuition, and remembering who she was and of her calling to help be a small part of bringing hope & healing to the world. A lifelong student, and contemplative reader, curious at-home researcher, and student of social justice matters, a more equitable world, and believer in shalom and wholeness. She recognizes she has a lot to learn about equity, spending her privilege and is doing her personal best to do the work and bring awareness to her companions along the way.

Discovering a Jesus-centric yoga practice was such a redemptive part of her journey. An embodied practice that brings heart+mind+body+spirit together can be very moving, powerful, and restorative. Her first two yoga classes as a student, were an encounter with the Divine Love of God whispering his love to her heart as she began to learn the art and practice of listening in prayer, through Contemplative Christian Spiritual Practices & Disciplines such as Christian Meditation, Lectio Divina, the Prayer of Examen and Centering Prayer.

She’s an obsessed and smitten auntie to one perfect nephew.

She’s so excited to see you in class or connect with you online. Grace & Peace